Alcohol percentage: 

70 % vol. ethyl alcohol


0.1L , 1L, 5L, 10L


36/1(0,1L) , 40/1(0,1L) , 12/1(1L)

The most important thing in prevention, in addition to isolation, is the use of a mask and proper disinfection of hands and surfaces with which we come into contact. Coronavirus is a virus with a thick shell. The shell is easily destroyed by disinfection, thus deactivating the virus. The best chemical that destroys the virus is alcohol. Most people think that highly concentrated alcohol is the best, but that is not correct. The best alcohol concentration is from 70% to 75% vol. Alcohol concentration from 90% to 100% vol. will only thicken the envelope of the virus. 

Steril is an alcoholic disinfectant with the scent of lavender for disinfecting hands and surfaces, an ideal disinfectant based on 70% vol. alcohol. In addition to alcohol, Steril contains hydrogen peroxide, which also has a strong disinfecting property and glycerin, as well as lavender oil to protect against skin irritation. 

Use is simple, by spraying or direct application to the skin or surfaces to be treated, in the amount of 2-3 ml per dosage. Drizzle a little liquid on your hands, rub for 20 seconds and let it dry. When cleaning surfaces, it is best to use a fabric that does not absorb liquid (microfiber, etc.). Drizzle the product on a fabric, wipe the surface for at least 20 seconds and leave to dry.

How to wash and rub hands properly

Based on data and recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO), the recommended disinfectant against coronavirus is alcohol-based (ethanol, ethyl alcohol, propanol). Alcohol-based products are used to disinfect skin and surfaces. The alcohol must be in a concentration of 70% vol. to be effective. Higher and lower concentrations than the above do not have a disinfecting effect.