Best quality fruit brandies are made from fresh, healthy and ripe fruit. The ripening of the fruit is monitored to determine the ideal time to start picking. Harvested fruits are stored in the refrigerator, where the parameters are constantly checked to determine the ideal time for processing. Processing begins with the removal of damaged fruits and washing, after which the fruit is mashed (removing seeds, petioles, seeds from grape). In this way we get pure fruit pulp, which is pumped into fermentation tanks.

All fermenters are stainless steel. Emphasis is placed on the purity of the fermenter, as any impurity would adversely affect the quality of the mixture. The capacity of the fermenter in one turn is 200 tons. Fermentation takes place under controlled conditions, which means that we monitor the mixture temperature, which is reduced or increased as needed. The fermentation process takes 7-10 days with constant control of sugar, alcohol and total of volatile acid levels.

When calming the mixture is visually observed, control of alcohol concentration determines the end of fermentation. Such a mixture is transferred for distillation in cauldron. Distillation is carried out in a classic way in copper cauldron with separators, with a total capacity of 2.5 tons in one turn. Daily capacity is 10 tons.

Distillate obtained is equalized and aged in a tank. During the aging process, prepared beverage is cold stabilized, temperature is reduced to 10 °C and filtered at that temperature. This is all done in a tank that is insulated and connected to the tank so that temperature control required for stabilization is possible.